The Co-active Model of Coaching

Balances self-awareness, relationships and action to create a positive environment where individuals can feel fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most.

Do you want more from your career?

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Dr Christine Chapman CPCC - Career Coach

Are you looking for a transformation in your career?

Welcome to my website. You have taken the first step to creating positive change in your career. Drawing on my broad experience of work, politics, family and public life, I very much look forward to sharing that exciting journey with you.
As a professional career coach I can help you :

  • Become more empowered in your present career
  • Gain more confidence in dealing with your co-workers
  • become the ‘best version of yourself’ by finding the courage to draw on your own unique talents, characteristics and values
  • find new employment or start a new chapter in your life which is more rewarding and fulfilling
  • achieve a better work/life balance

'As people live longer and their working lives expand to many more years, they will move inextricably from the traditions of the three stage life-full-time education, leading to full-time work leading to full-time retirement- to something a great deal more fluid, flexible and multistaged.'
Professor Lynda Gratton

'Everyone has the capacity to contribute and to choose responsibility. Everyone has the capacity to lead. Leadership is a choice, and it begins with one's willingness to be responsible for what is happening in one's world.'
Karen and Henry Kimsey-House

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If you want to take a new approach, then coaching may be your first step. Based in south Wales, I work with clients on the phone, zoom or face to face. I offer a free introductory session to see whether coaching works for you.

Please follow this link to my Contact page. Alternatively, give me a call on 07595 225291 or email: chris@christinechapmancareercoach.co.uk