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You Want To Change Your Career But Where Do You Start?

When you are in a job that you dislike or which doesn’t challenge you any more, your whole life can be affected. You may become demotivated and moody. You feel trapped. Instinctively you feel that there is something better out there for you. But what? You really want to change but you haven’t a clue where to start. The first...


You used to love your job but now it's all gone wrong!

Have you got to the stage in your career where you hate getting up in the morning? You dread the long day ahead. Your stomach sinks when you think of that work colleague who, with one sarcastic comment, can manage to cast a gloom over the rest of your day. You feel undervalued and you just don’t care.  The...


Career Change during Covid

Changing your career is never straightforward and it is particularly challenging now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Should you even contemplate such a move at this time? Your head may tell you to be cautious. After all, within the UK many employees and businesses are facing enormous uncertainty and disruption as a result of Covid...


Sometimes We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

Have you been having strange dreams lately?  Since  Covid 19 struck it appears that the  stress of lockdown and the fact that our sleep patterns have been disrupted has led to many people reporting bizarre dreams and nightmares. But some experts have argued that even when we are awake the pandemic is causing us to be anxious and fragile...


When Small Businesses get into a Rut

Are you a small business owner who has lost your enthusiasm? It can happen. You wanted to get off the treadmill of working for someone else and  now you are on one of your own making. As a career coach I often work with people who run their own businesses. One of the main reasons they chose this path was...


Five Ways to Lead

Recently I was invited to a small company in south Wales which I have known for many years. The business was being presented with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise ,  not just for the first but for the second time. Despite operating in a  difficult market the company has managed to embrace some cutting-edge technology and subsequently is enjoying...


Career lessons from the world of politics

Some time ago I  attended an ‘in conversation’ event where Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, talked about her experiences of politics. Her story was an inspiring one. Gillard had  moved from south Wales to Australia with her parents and sister at the  age of 4 where  she  eventually became not only its 27th Prime Minister  but its first...


Total Immersion

Whatever your passion is, go for total immersion. That’s the message in Philippa Davies’ inspiring book Eureka! Making Brilliant Ideas Happen. Philippa argues that to succeed in whatever you really want in life you need to dive deep into your subject and commit wholeheartedly to it. You may have a passion to write a novel, speak a new language,...


Five Ways to Overcome Disappointment

All of us suffer disappointment in our lives. We may not get the job we applied for, we lose the house sale, or we fail an exam. When this happens it is easy to slip into negative thoughts, bitterness and anger even. Here are five steps to help overcome this: 1. Learn from the experience. Once the...