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"Working with Chris has equipped me with the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the next steps in my career journey. Chris’ patient, insightful and kind approach meant that I felt comfortable reflecting on experiences and sharing professional values and ambitions. While it was Chris’ wealth of professional and political experience which drew me to work with her; it was her emotional intelligence and astute approach which inspired me to work to improve and gain a promotion. Diolch o galon, Chris!"

Nia, Penarth


“Chris provided an oasis of calm and helped me find my way to some important decisions.  She is a great listener and having regular sessions with her in the diary was a great way for me to focus on positive change and ensure I found time to focus on the longer term and “big picture” view.  Chris has a knack of asking difficult questions in the gentlest way, and she challenged me to find the positives and build from there. I greatly appreciated her support and patience.”

Nicola Williams, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water


"I contacted Chris because I knew I wanted to make a career change and I had a vague idea as to what this change entailed. But I needed help figuring out some of the details and the way forward. In a few weeks of working with Chris, it became very clear where my passion was and that this was where I wanted my career to be. Chris helped me take steps that I would not have done if it had not been for her suggestions and encouragement. The process has been, in part, about self discovery as well as practical steps to advance myself. There is still work for me to do, and I have no doubt I will return to Chris in the future for help and guidance. 

Kate, Wiltshire


"I contacted Chris as I found I'd gotten into a rut with my self employed career and feeling stagnant. Comparing myself with peers who all seemed very content and successful and constantly thinking how I could become like them. Chris' approachable personality helped me completely open up and evaluate my genuine core values and really think what I wanted out of my career and life in general. From acknowledging characteristics which I had never associated with work, to re-framing approaches to suit my beliefs, I have found Chris' methods both practical and enlightening. I now have a new passion for my work and have connected it to my personality which I put down to Chris' insightful guidance. Whether you need a change of career or, like me, a nudge in the right direction, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Christine."

Daniel, Cardiff


"Coaching sessions with Chris have been helpful and insightful in several areas of my life. She is a great listener and has a knack for pulling out the important elements, and then working with them in a skilled way, using thought-provoking questions and enquiries. Working with Chris has inspired me to make changes in my own thoughts and actions. Thank you Chris."

Anne, Leeds


“Life coaching with Christine was a great experience. Between us, we worked out there were mainly two areas of my life that needed improving, and a positive plan of action was put in place that helped me get back on the right track. Christine makes life-coaching fun and is a great listener. She makes you feel relaxed with a friendly, direct, and uncomplicated approach to achieving the right results.”

David, writer/editor, Brighton


“I approached Christine for advice and guidance concerning my company’s marketing and communications strategy. This I felt needed to change to help us make more effective progress. During the coaching exercise she helped me analyse the problems and in so doing I adopted a high-level helicopter type view of the whole situation thereby being able to focus attention on key areas. This resulted in a totally new approach and alignment of our marketing procedures, and subsequent engagement of a third party organisation. I feel none of this would have happened without Christine’s direction and clarity that resulted in me looking at things differently. I now see things more clearly and am making good progress towards the company’s new goals. This change has had additional benefits in my personal life in being able to relax and enjoy more as I now have work fully under control. Christine was very professional throughout the coaching project. Indeed I found her to be a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend her as a life coach.”

Steve Cochrane, MD, Synergise Business Intelligence


“Establishing my own business, one that would optimise my own creative talents, personal strengths and experience has invited many challenges. Over the past year, my conversations with Chris Chapman have been enormously helpful at helping keep this process on an upwards path. Through Chris’ attentive listening and questioning she has helped identify my unique characteristics, build my self confidence and draw out clearly defined objectives with me. Through our discussions and exercises I have become far more conscious of my own individual character and have developed the confidence to celebrate this. I recommend Chris highly.”

Chris, Reading


“I started my journey feeling lost about my career progression without a clear sense of direction. Since starting life coaching with Christine I have been able to put into place a clear career plan with set objectives and goals I want to achieve. I have returned to University to pursue a new career and feel the coaching has been an instrumental part in allowing me to focus on my future career prospects. Christine has been supportive and encouraging and I would highly recommend her.“

Sarah, Cardiff


“Chris was an excellent coach. She gave me the space I needed to explore my inner feelings about how I felt about my life. She enabled me to learn about my strengths and weaknesses and what was holding me back in life. I have grown in confidence and I am now ready for the next chapter. Thank you for your encouragement and support in what was a very difficult time.”

Janet, Rhondda Cynon Taff


“Before I started life coaching I was a bit sceptical about what it entailed. However, my coaching sessions with Christine gave me the opportunity to talk about many topics that helped me build upon different aspects and areas of my life. My regular sessions also helped me to look at things from a different perspective and provide solutions to certain questions I had about my life such as my career. Christine also offered guidance at times and supported me in turning my ideas into reality. I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach.”

Rhian, Birmingham


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